Dream bigger

I hear you. Already stuck, and I'm asking you to dream bigger? 

If money, people or place, was no object, what would you be doing right now? 

Start with one category you could dream a little in (house, car, friendship, relationship, job). Get specific. There are no rules, don't let practicality to stop you. No one ever needs to see your list.

It's terrifying isn't it? 

This is what my ideal house would look like: 

- ocean view, but not too close to the ocean for it to be too cool

- red door 

- light and bright, yet private

- welcoming of the sunshine, but not of strangers walking by

- an inspiring, modern kitchen

- a backyard with enough space for my dog to have fun, but not get lost

- spacious enough without invoking space guilt

- close to community

- filled with laughter and joy

- safe and secure

- parking in excess 

- green neighborhood

Unexpected surprises do happen

When you've been stuck to write on a page that is called Being Stuck Sucks and someone submits their contribution. A lovely, unexpected surprise. And way to set the standard: F*ck, being stuck sucks It sucks! It sucks! F*ck being stuck sucks! In a house In a boat, In a car, In a nicer house In a nicer boat In a nicer car F*ck! Does it suck! Unstucking! Not Mind f*cking Not, Rocket science Maybe, brain Surgery? But I'm not trapped, Its not even a rut I'm stuck It's me, it's myself, I'm sitting in my way So easy now...

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The Difference Between Starters and Finishers

The Difference Between Starters and Finishers

By Andrew J Kehl, MS, CFO, CM The day after perfect is what separates finishers from starters.  What a hell of a line! Jon Acuff wrote that in his book, “Finish” and it has helped me immensely in leveling up. I can recall about a million things I have started...

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Be kind for 5 minutes.

Be kind for 5 minutes.

Like they say on the airplane, you got to breath first before helping others. It's true that helping others rock, but when you're stuck it might not feel like an instant gratification like it can normally. But today my friend, think of a micro-helping-hand. Set aside FIVE minutes to do...

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